NEWMAT elastic ceilings with BIO-PRUF resist contamination and generally the outbreaks of contamination. They are ideal because they limit the damage from the permeation of water and moisture. They are not affected and do not allow water to penetrate. They prevent all sources of unpleasant smell. Moreover, it is a very safe investment because their composition is classified in the first class of resistant materials to fire. They do not penetrate the air and are completely airtight, an advantage that improves even the acoustics of the space they are placed.

NEWMAT elastic ceilings with BIO-PRUF are placed in your space within a few hours, they are an economical choice because they do not need maintenance, they are clean and last long. They come out very easily by enabling you to change the decorative theme when you wish to renovate/refresh your place. They give you a perfect aesthetic result full of bright colors and style on the roof, which really turns into a work of art. Choose NEWMAT BIO-PRUF for places where cleanliness and aesthetics are essential. Hospitals ,pharmacies, laboratories, food and pharmaceutical industries, swimming pools, gyms, beauty centers…Similar facilities should meet the most demanding requirements and are often subject to health inspections. Antimicrobial and antifungal properties are integrated into a mass core of the NEWMAT elastic ceilings and the BIO-PRUF process provides a continuous protection on the material.